The most efficient, longest lasting & fastest SHR diode laser in & from Europe for permanent hair removal - with medical approval. For beauticians:indoors & medical professionals:indoors.

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THE LS1200 DIODENLASER: HIGH-END technology for permanent hair removal

For many years, permanent hair removal has been one of the biggest topics in apparative cosmetics. The awareness of a hair-free, smooth body is now equally pronounced in both women and men.

Während in der Vergangenheit noch überwiegend IPL Geräte für die Dauerhafte Haarentfernung eingesetzt wurden, hat sich mittlerweile der SHR Diodenlaser, auch als SHR Laser bekannt, als neueste, effektivste & schonendste Technologie etabliert.

The LS1200 FDP SHR diode laser sets new technical standards: With an effective spot power of 1200W, the hair removal laser is the most powerful of its generation. The 2 parallel high-power power supplies distinguish the SAPPHIRE laser from other hair removal devices and enable fast pulse sequences without sacrificing performance.

In combination with a pulse frequency of up to 15 Hz and a pulse duration of only 15 – 400 ms, the LS1200 SHR laser/diode laser enables the fastest treatment sequences with maximum efficiency. With up to 50 million pulses, the hair removal diode is also the longest lasting in Europe.

Meanwhile, the patented DEPILICE gas cooling system with a cooling strength of up to -10°C ensures unparalleled patient comfort during every treatment.



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Fast & painless
permanent hair removal

Already from 4 applications – depending on the body part – the hair can be permanently removed with the SHR diode laser LS1200 – and completely painless. The first treatment successes can be seen after just one application.


The LS1200 SHR diode laser is manufactured under high quality & production standards and has medical approval. The hair removal laser may be used by both medical professionals and cosmeticians. The effectiveness of permanent hair removal with the LS1200 has been proven through medical studies.

Worldwide unique
1200W spot power

With a real & verifiable output power of 1200 watts, the LS1200 SHR diode laser promises the most powerful permanent hair removal of its generation.

50 Mio applicator pulses

The SAPPHIRE light source, a diode or diode bar with a wavelength of 808NM, is by far the world’s longest-lasting with up to 50 million pulses. Of these, even the first 10 million pulses are included in the warranty.

Highest working speed

The combination of a pulse frequency of up to 15 Hz and a pulse duration of only 15 – 400 ms enables the SAPPHIRE SHR diode laser to provide the fastest treatment sequences with maximum efficiency.

Patented Depilice
gas cooling system

The SHR diode laser features a patented DEPILICE gas cooling system with a unique cooling strength of up to -10°C. On the one hand, the novel cooling system brings the advantage that the treatment is completely pleasant for the customer. On the other hand, from the operator’s point of view, distilled water no longer needs to be changed or refilled, as is usually the case with hair removal devices.

2 high performance power supplies

Compared to other laser hair removal devices, the LS1200 SHR diode laser has 2 high-power power supplies working in parallel, which allow very fast pulse sequences without sacrificing performance and consequently success.

For all hair & skin types (1 - 5)

With the latest laser hair removal technology of the SAPPHIRE diode laser, lighter hair colors and darker, more tanned skin types can also be treated.

5 treatment modes

To achieve maximum treatment results, SAPPHIRE’s European SHR Diode Laser allows 5 different treatment options to be aligned according to skin & hair type: Single, Multi, Sensitive, Middle & Long Pulse modes.

Highest user safety

The hair removal laser ensures the highest user safety due to protection class 1 and highly insulated application part type BF.

Stationary & mobile use

The LS1200 SHR diode laser can also be used in mobile applications, as the functional housing of the unit can be removed from the base frame.

Sapphire LS1200 SHR Laser Diodenlaser mit patentierter Depilice-Kühlung
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Sapphire MED SHR Laser Diodenlaser Applikator


WELLCOTEC Germany - DEKRA Zertifizierung - ISO 9001
WELLCOTEC Germany - Medizinprodukte-Zertifizierung - ISO 13485

*WELLCOTEC is demonstrably authorized by law to perform repair services on cosmetic equipment & medical devices. Due to the certifications, our company processes meet the highest quality standards. This distinguishes us significantly from other providers.

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Die SHR Laser Diodenlaser Haarentfernung ist absolut sanft und schonend


We have been advising, training, supplying and servicing our customers at home and abroad for over 30 years. Our renowned, certified theory & practice training courses provide the necessary knowledge, our comprehensive marketing service the necessary communication as well as our technical & repair service the necessary security, so that you can be permanently successful with our equipment.


We advise you personally, professionally and according to your needs about our cosmetic and medical devices. Upon request, you will also receive a free trial treatment for your desired device, so that you can personally convince yourself of the effect & performance.


Our certified & comprehensive theory & practice trainings are always individual for you & your team. The training can take place at our training center in Cologne, at your site or online.


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As an officially registered & certified electrical contractor and ISO 13485 certified company, we are legitimized to perform repairs & maintenance on cosmetic medical equipment.

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Yes, both terms are used synonymously in cosmetic medical “everyday life” – and are also collectively referred to as SHR hair removal lasers.

No. Since, unfortunately, many SHR lasers for permanent hair removal are imported from China with serious performance deficiencies and made available on the market, treatment with such is for the most part not only ineffective, but also equally associated with dangers for the user and end user. This is because these devices often lack essential technical safeguards. The sale and operation of such devices is therefore illegal.

In order to verify the legality of hair removal lasers, it is imperative that you ask the manufacturer or supplier to show you the certifications, test & measurement protocols of the respective device prior to purchase. Within the framework of the new non-ionizing radiation protection ordinance (NISV), the operator of such equipment is obliged to have the necessary documents to hand anyway.

Regarding the recording of the power level, you should have the supplier show you a live measurement and the corresponding power parameters.  We always offer our customers and interested parties such live measurements with medically approved measuring devices through our technical department, so that you can be sure of the promised power strength.

Any skin & hair type! With SHR laser technology, compared to IPL device technology, both dark and light hair can be permanently removed.

A “permanent hair removal” is not necessarily defined for life, but rather for a longer period of life. Why is this so?

Inactive cells of the hair are always present in the skin, which accordingly could not even be captured during the treatment period. These can then become sporadically active over time and consequently stimulate hair growth.

Likewise, pregnancies or hormonal fluctuations (e.g. menopause) can cause new hair cells to be formed and hair growth to occur again.

Hair removal with an SHR hair removal laser can be applied to the entire body. Particularly popular areas are underarms, upper lip, face, intimate area, male chest, bikini line, upper back, lower back, upper & lower arms and upper & lower legs.

Yes, laser hair removal is painless. Only a “tingling” heat effect is perceived.

With the innovative SHR hair removal laser, permanent depilation can be achieved in as little as 4 to 5 sessions. The duration of treatment always depends on the body area to be treated and can range from 10 minutes to about 3 hours.

A soothing epilation after-treatment cream should be applied as a preventive measure after SHR laser treatment. You can obtain this directly from us. In addition, it is important not to expose the treated skin to sunlight. A sun blocker is therefore essential.

The IPL device technology is considered the first method of permanent hair removal, which works via light application. “IPL” is the abbreviation for “Intense Pulsed Light” and translates as intensely pulsed light, which is applied to the skin and hair without being bundled.

IPL device technology works with single, high-energy pulses of light that are applied to the skin unbundled, spot by spot. The IPL method uses short pulses with a duration of 2 – 300 milliseconds, which, however, generate high energy of up to 120 joules per cm².

The applied IPL energy is absorbed to the hair papillae via melanin, the pigment of the hair. Melanin has the crucial property of being able to absorb photons (light particles). The hair in turn transmits this light energy to the follicle, where a heat of up to 72°C is generated. As a result of the heating, the hair root is destroyed, so that no new hair can grow.

At the same time, however, the IPL device technology also brings with it limitations: because with IPL, primarily dark hair – ideally on light skin – can be permanently removed. Because in dark hair, the pigmentation and thus the melanin content is most pronounced, so that the light absorption and consequently the permanent hair removal can take effect at all. Lighter hair, e.g. white or grayish, on the other hand, has only a low melanin content and can therefore absorb light energy only weakly or not at all.

In order to counteract this problem and to enable permanent depilation for as many different hair and skin types as possible, the IPL device technology was supplemented by the SHR glide method. Meanwhile, the SHR technology is mainly represented in the field of innovative high-power laser hair removal – as SHR laser or SHR diode laser.

“SHR” is the abbreviation for Super(-fast) Hair Removal and refers to the glide technology of the laser applicator, with which permanent hair removal is possible much faster than with original IPL systems.

SHR laser technology uses multiple, low-energy, focused laser pulses that are applied to larger areas of the skin in a gliding motion of the applicator. The technology uses up to 15 pulses per second, which heats the skin layer evenly & moderately.

As with IPL technology, the applied SHR energy is absorbed by the hair papillae via melanin, i.e. the hair’s pigment. Melanin has the property of being able to absorb photons (light particles) and transmit them. 

On the other hand – and here lies the difference to the IPL device technology – at the same time a direct denaturation of the stem cell proteins takes place at a target temperature of 45°C, so that the nutrition supply to the hair root is cut off and it is consequently obliterated. Thus, the SHR technology uses two ways for permanent hair removal.

The advantage of SHR hair removal is that due to the dual effect technology every skin & hair type can be treated. In addition, the relatively lower heat release not only reduces the risk of skin burns, but also guarantees a completely painless treatment.

The SHR laser technology uses an optimized filter with a light wavelength of 808 or 810 NM for permanent hair removal in order to penetrate directly & focused into the skin layer where the hair roots are located. This allows maximum & highly efficient results to be achieved.

After successful hair & skin analysis, a special gel is first applied to the skin or the body area to be treated, which primarily contributes to the cooling function. Now the SHR laser handpiece is “driven” several times over the skin area to be treated & emits several laser pulses.

In total, about 6 – 8 treatments per body part are needed to achieve permanent hair removal.

The SHR laser technology can only develop its full effect if the hair is treated in its growth phase. Because only in this phase is the hair connected to the hair root, so that the light energy absorbed via the melanin can also be transmitted to the hair root – and thus ultimately obliterate it.

At any one time, only about 20% of the hair is in its growth phase, as this phase is different for each hair. Consequently, several treatments are necessary to achieve permanent hair removal.

Meanwhile, small home IPL devices for self-dehairing are very much in vogue – but such hair removal is strictly warned against, among others, on the part of the Ärztezeitung.

Because there is on the one hand the risk of the Unterdosierung, which leads to a Ergrauen instead of removing the hair. On the other hand, there is the risk of overdosing, which in turn causes burns, light damage and also an increased risk of skin cancer.

Permanent (laser) hair removal should therefore always be performed by trained personnel. This is the only way to ensure maximum success without (skin) damage.

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