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Beauty & Vitality for the facial skin through Hydra Face Dermabrasion

The skin is often the mirror of our well-being and therefore reveals a lot about our everyday life: age, stress, strain, nutrition or other influences such as UV-irradiation or lack of moisture can be seen – in the truest sense of the word – in our skin. Skin impurities, wrinkles or even diseases are then sometimes the consequences. Although modern cosmetics promise specific remedies for an impure and outdated-looking skin with ever new creams and tinctures, a truly permanent solution has not yet been found. But WELLCOTEC has the solution: The innovative HYDRA4FACE 200 Facial-Beauty-Multi-System with high-quality treatment ingredients from Germany.

HYDRA FACE GLOW BEAUTY with liquid-vacuum technology

HYDRAFACE is currently the world’s most innovative & effective method for beautifying & vitalizing facial skin. Using specially designed dermabrasion applicators, the inanimate skin cells are first removed and the skin is then supplied with important vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, antioxidants & hyaluron, which are introduced into the skin via the applicator. 

Our Hydra4Face 200 also offers the possibility to further intensify the basic application with various additional applications such as biological cold light or bio-micro current.

Our HydraFace-liquids, which are essential for the success of the treatment, are demonstrably produced in Germany from high-quality raw materials and under the highest quality standards and are registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. 

Immediately after using the HydraFace device, an improved, velvety skin texture is already visible. This distinguishes our products significantly from many diluted & poorly manufactured minor products, which are available on the beauty market without legitimation – and thus keep the treatment success minimal. 


Hydra4Face 200 Hydra Face Beauty System Wellcotec Welldocare Frontansicht Features

11 Technologies

Our HydraFace device combines several treatment technologies in only one device: Hydra, diamond & silicone dermabrasion, vacuum, cold light (red, green, blue), bio-micro current, radio frequency (bi- & tripolar), ultrasonic skin peeling & regeneration spray.

Original German ingredients

The active ingredients (liquids) essential for treatment and success are demonstrably produced for us in Germany. In this way we guarantee maximum treatment success with our HydraFace device.

Vacuum Sensitive Technology

The special vacuum suction method ensures that the HydraFace application provides maximum treatment comfort.

LIQUID automatic regulation

In order to make the treatment as efficient as possible, both the applicator and the device are equipped with liquid regulation, which allows the permeability of the active ingredients to be controlled.

For every skin type

The treatment with our HydraFace device is designed for all male & female skin types.




We have our Hydraface Liquids demonstrably produced in Germany from the highest quality raw materials under the highest quality standards & registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. Our liquids contain the most important ingredients in an ideally balanced mixture ratio that contributes to maximum vitalization & beautification of the facial skin – the ideal complement to our Hydra4Face 200. 


HYDRA4FACE Applicators
Hydra Face Hydra4Face 200 Applikator zur Hydra Dermabrasion
Basic Hydra Dermabrasion

The Basic Hydraface dermabrasion applicator gently cleanses, vitalizes & beautifies the skin without the use of hard crystals or aggressive peeling by adding our special active ingredients.

Hydra Face Hydra4Face 200 Applikator zur Silikon Dermabrasion
Silicone Hydra Dermabrasion

With the Silicone Hydraface Dermabrasion Applicator the skin is gently cleaned, vitalized & beautified without the use of hard crystals or aggressive peeling by adding our special active ingredients.

Hydra Face Hydra4Face 200 Applikator zur Diamant Dermabrasion
Diamond Hydra Dermabrasion

With the Diamond Dermabrasion Hydraface Applicator the skin is gently cleaned, vitalized & beautified without the use of hard crystals or aggressive exfoliation through the supply of our special active ingredients.

Hydraface-Applikator Radiofrequenz Tripolar Hydra4Face 200 Wellcotec
Radiofrequency tripolar

The tripolar radiofrequency Hydraface applicator is suitable for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening in the face after completion of the Hydra dermabrasion treatment.

Hydra Face Hydra4Face 200 Vakuum Pen Applikator
Vacuum Pens

The vacuum hydraface applicator frees the facial skin from toxins and reduces swellings at the same time. This Hydraface technology can be used both before and after the Hydra-Dermabrasion treatment.

Hydra Face Hydra4Face 200 Bio Mikrostrom Applikator
Bio Microcurrent

With the Bio Microcurrent Hydraface Applicator fine, small wrinkles are repaired, the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated and hyperpigmentation is counteracted.

Hydraface Applikator Biologisches Kaltlicht Rot Grün Blau Hydra4Face 200 Wellcotec
Bio Cold Light

The bio-cold light hydraface applicator (red, blue, green) stimulates cell growth, promotes blood circulation and collagen formation and stimulates fiber cells.

Hydraface Applikator Oxygen Spray Hydra4Face 200 Wellcotec
Oxygen Spray

The Oxygen-Spray-Hydraface-Applicator, an oxygen spray gun, helps to distribute the active substances and fragrances of the liquid once again evenly on the skin.


We have been advising, training, supplying and servicing our customers at home and abroad for over 30 years. Our renowned theory & practice trainings provide the necessary knowledge, our comprehensive marketing service the necessary communication as well as our technical & repair service the necessary security, so that you can be permanently successful with our Hydra4Face 200.


Our certified & comprehensive theory & practice training prepares you & your team for operation & use with the Hydra4Face 200.


Benefit from our marketing know how and get among others our individualized flyers, roll-ups, customer vouchers & digital data for your website & social media for the Hydra4Face 200.


We supply you with high quality & medical accessories that you need for the Hydraface application. These include special liquids,treatment gloves and couch paper rolls.

Interesting facts about HYDRA4FACE

The Hydra Face procedure is suitable for all male and female skin types. The method is also optimized for very sensitive skin types and structures.

The treatment is noticeable but not painful. After the treatment the skin of the face even feels very pleasant.

Hydra Face is considered a hydrating, non-invasive treatment that does not cause skin irritation. Since it has been proven that irritation of the skin increases the aging process, the Hydra Face method can be used without hesitation.

The Hydra4Face application leads mainly to the following treatment effects:

-skin beautification
-degreasing of the skin
-Anti Aging
-improvement of skin elasticity
-skin smoothing
-deep cleaning
-skin revitalization
-reduction of skin damage
-Reduction of skin imperfections
-Face Glow & Beauty

A HydraFace basic treatment (deep cleansing & nutrient supply) only takes about 30 minutes. With our Hydra4Face 200 you have the possibility to supplement the basic treatment with various additional applications such as biological cold light or bio-micro current, which is why the entire procedure can last up to one hour.

Already after one treatment the skin of the face is perceived as more radiant, more relaxed and finer. To achieve a lasting result, it is recommended to repeat the treatment at least every 2 months.

No, the application does not impose any restrictions. The gentle, non-invasive procedure allows you to return to your everyday life without any problems.

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