IPL Device technology


The IPL Device Technology
for permanent hair removal

For many years, permanent hair removal has been one of the biggest topics in apparative cosmetics. In the meantime, the awareness of a hair-free, smooth body is equally pronounced in both women and men. The IPL device technology is considered the first method of permanent hair removal, which works via light application. “IPL” is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light and means intensely pulsed light, which is applied to the skin and hair without being bundled.

Die IPL Geräte-Technologie bringt zugleich aber auch Einschränkungen mit sich: Denn mit IPL lassen sich ausschließlich dunkle Haare – idealerweise auf heller Haut – dauerhaft entfernen. Um diesem Problem entgegenzuwirken und möglichst vielen verschiedenen Haar- & Hauttypen eine permanente Enthaarung zu ermöglichen, wurde die IPL Geräte-Technologie um das SHR-Glide-Verfahren ergänzt, das gegenwärtig in die neueste high-power Technologie zur Dauerhaften Haarentfernung, den SHR Diodenlaser, gemündet ist.


IPL device technology works with single, high-energy light pulses that are applied to the skin unbundled, spot by spot. The IPL method uses short pulses with a duration of between 2 – 300 milliseconds, which, however, generate high energy of up to 120 joules per cm².

The applied IPL energy is absorbed by the hair papillae via the melanin, i.e. the pigment of the hair. Melanin has the property of being able to absorb photons (light particles). The hair in turn transmits this light energy to the follicle, where a heat of up to 72°C is generated. As a result of the heating, the hair root is obliterated so that no new hair can grow.

With IPL hair removal, the darker the hair (and therefore the higher the melanin content), the more effective the permanent hair removal. Conversely, this means that light hair can only be removed poorly or not at all, because the IPL energy cannot be absorbed due to the low melanin content of light hair.

The IPL device technology uses different filters in a light wave spectrum of 490 – 1200 NM for permanent hair removal in order to act on the different hair & skin structures, which vary individually, and thus achieve the best possible results.

IPL treatment procedure

After successful hair & skin analysis, a special gel is first applied to the skin or the body area to be treated, which mainly contributes to the cooling function. Now the IPL handpiece is placed on a spot within the treatment area & a light pulse is emitted - then the same on the spot next to it, etc., until the entire area has been worked off.

The IPL technique is practically like a "stamp" procedure. In total, about 10 - 14 treatments per body part are needed to achieve permanent hair removal.

Hair growth cycle

The IPL device technology is only effective if the hair is treated in its growth phase. Because only in this phase the hair is connected to the hair root, so that the light energy absorbed via the melanin can also be transmitted to the hair root - and thus ultimately obliterate it.

At any one time, only about 20% of the hair is in its growth phase, as this phase is different for each hair. Consequently, several treatments are necessary to achieve permanent hair removal.

IPL Hair & Skin Types

The IPL device technology unfolds its effect best possible with relatively darker hair. Because in dark hair the pigmentation and thus the melanin content is most pronounced, so that the light absorption and consequently also the permanent hair removal can take effect at all.

Lighter hair, e.g. white or grayish, on the other hand, have only a low melanin content and consequently can absorb light energy only weakly or not at all.

IPL treatment areas

IPL hair removal is suitable for both women and men. Permanent hair removal with IPL device technology is possible on the whole body.

Particularly popular areas are underarms, upper lip, face, intimate area, male chest, bikini line, upper back, lower back, upper & lower arms and upper & lower legs.

The number of treatments to achieve permanent hair removal varies from area to area. IPL hair removal is occasionally painful.

IPL treatment spectrum

The IPL device technology allows not only permanent hair removal. At the same time, the IPL system offers the possibility to perform cosmetic skin treatments or skin beautification, including acne scar smoothing, vascular sclerotherapy, reduction of spider veins or skin rejuvenation.

In the meantime, however, cosmetic IPL skin treatments have been reserved for certain groups of physicians under the new NISV - and may no longer be performed by cosmetic or non-specialist personnel.

Dangers of IPL self depilation

Meanwhile, small home IPL devices for self-dehairing are very much in vogue - but such hair removal is strictly warned against, among others, by the Ärztezeitung:

On the one hand, there is a risk of underdosing, which leads to graying instead of removal of hair.

On the other hand, there is the risk of overdosing, which leads to burns, light damage and also an increased risk of skin cancer.


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