Cryolipolysis Device technology


THE cryolipolysis device technology
for body contouring, shaping & slimming

The desire for a beautiful as well as aesthetic body shape is ubiquitous and independent of gender and age. But only a few people achieve their ideal with sport, discipline and renunciation. For several years, the cryolipolysis treatment conceived by scientists at Harvard Medical School (USA) has been used in dermatology and aesthetics.

The technical term cryolipolysis comes from the ancient Greek and is composed of the components kryos=frost, lipos=fat and lysis=solution. Through the non-invasive treatment method with a cryolipolysis device, the local fat tissue can be treated by means of cold. Compared to operative, aesthetic surgical procedures, the cryolipolysis device technology is characterized in particular by its non-invasive, tissue-conserving procedure.

Nevertheless, the cryolipolysis device technology also brings limitations: pain can occur during and after the treatment. With older and especially non-certified cryolipolysis devices, the tissue can often remain hardened for a longer period of time after treatment, associated with a temporary feeling of numbness. Hematomas in the treated tissue are also a recurring consequence of the treatment.

But WELLCOTEC has the ideal & world’s first solution for this: The SAPPHIRE BELLACTION Duo. This high-tech beauty device enables body contouring and face lifting at the same time. In addition, deep-fiber cellulite in stages I-III can be sustainably eliminated.

of the cryolipolysis device technology

The cryolipolysis device technology works with a dual technique of vacuum & cold supply. Here, the applicator is placed on the skin area to be treated. Due to the vacuum, the fatty tissue is sucked into the handpiece in an isolated manner.

The contact surfaces integrateda laterally in the cryolipolysis applicator cool the tissue down drastically over a period of about 60 minutes & thus ensure cell crystallization. As a result, the body circumference is reduced – visibly & measurably.

In addition, after the cryolipolysis treatment, it is recommended to activate or strengthen the body’s own metabolic process, e.g. through lymphatic drainage or sports activities, in order to accelerate the removal of the crystallized tissue cells.

To prevent possible skin damage during cryolipolysis treatment, a special protective film – a so-called skin protection membrane – is placed between the skin area and the applicator.

Procedure of cryolipolysis treatment

In a first step, the skin area to be treated or the thickness of the tissue is determined. This value is decisive for the duration & cold supply of the cryolipolysis treatment. After the special protective membrane has been placed on the skin area, the cryolipolysis applicator can now be applied and its vacuum-cold function activated. The cryolipolysis device now works fully automatically.

After completion of the cryolipolysis application, a cool, slightly hardened and medium reddish treatment area will ideally appear. A manual massage or lymphatic drainage can now be performed there.

Cryolipolysis treatment areas

Cryolipolysis device technology is designed to reduce isolated, diet & exercise resistant tissue areas in women & men. The cryolipolysis system is not suitable for targeted weight reduction.

The cryolipolysis procedure is mainly used on the upper & lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, front & back of thighs, upper arm, back (flanks) & on the male chest. Isolated cryolipolysis device technologies also allow treatment of the knee & double chin.

Depending on the cryolipolysis device, up to 4 body areas can be treated simultaneously.

Cryolipolysis User Instructions

In order to be allowed to operate a cryolipolysis device, the legal situation (NISV) stipulates from 2021 that a doctor's approval must be available. This means that cosmeticians and alternative practitioners, among others, will no longer be allowed to operate these devices. Sporadically, it may be possible that the licensed physician may delegate the cryolipolysis treatment in his spatial proximity.

In addition, the cryolipolysis user requirements may also vary from state to state.

Dangers of cryolipolysis devices

Many of the cryolipolysis devices on the market have safety-related deficiencies - this is the result of many years of inspection & repair work by our technical service on third-party devices.

Especially the omission of temperature contact sensors, which are supposed to check the treatment temperature in ACTUAL & TARGET, can lead to skin burns in the worst case. This danger also exists if untrained personnel work with the wrong treatment parameters, so that the treatment duration is too long and/or the cooling intensity is too high.

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Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite - Made in Europe - Wellcotec


Patented body face lifting system from Europe against cellulite I-III, skin & tissue problems - The innovation of cryolipolysis & HIFU application.


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