The patented technology against cellulite I-III, skin & tissue problems on a natural effect basis - manufactured according to medical standards in Europe.

Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Frontansicht

The Patented 2-in-1 Face & Body Technology

The desire for a beautiful as well as aesthetic body shape is omnipresent. Especially stubborn problem areas like cellulite, skin unevenness and skin sagging should be eliminated and become a thing of the past.

WELLCOTEC, in cooperation with the Spanish aesthetics company SAPPHIRE, has exclusively developed the innovative, patented & safe solution for medical practices & beauty salons to get rid of any body & skin problems in a short time: The BELLACTION DUO.

The BELLACTION DUO is a non-invasive and specially developed treatment procedure against cellulite I-III, skin sagging, inflammation and also fluid retention in the tissue. At the same time, the device tightens the skin and provides a full body contouring & peeling effect. The BELLACTION method works with a unique, deep-acting & gentle combination of infrared heat, CO2 cooling, vibration and rotation.

Compared to many other systems on the market, the BELLACTION DUO produces its effect completely without the use of electrodes and deep currents, as well as without traction of dermis and epidermis, but penetrates directly to the essential deep tissue layers. The skin surface is completely spared.



Sapphire BellactionDu Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Seitenansicht Features

Patented technology from Europe
for Face Lifting & Body Contouring

BELLACTION DUO and its unique combination of 4 gentle treatment techniques is not only innovative, but also patented. The world’s first system works with a unique, deep-acting combination of infrared heat, CO2 cooling, vibration and rotation.

Most effective technology in the world against deep cellulite I-III

The BELLACTION DUO succeeds in successively & sustainably eliminating even deep-fiber cellulite in stages I-III due to its special mode of action & depth, which flows onto the soft tissue & even reaches the deep-seated muscles. To date, no other beauty device has achieved this.

Medical manufacturing according to EN60601

The BELLACTION DUO is subject to the highest quality & production standards, as it has been developed & produced in accordance with the EN60601 medical device standard.

Highest quality processing

The BELLACTION DUO has, among other things, a capacitive touchscreen via which the functions are controlled. In addition, the drives of the high-tec beauty device are “Made in Switzerland” – top performance guaranteed.

Highest user safety

The BELLACTION DUO ensures maximum user safety due to protection class 1 and highly insulated applied part type BF.


WELLCOTEC Germany - DEKRA Zertifizierung - ISO 9001
WELLCOTEC Germany - Medizinprodukte-Zertifizierung - ISO 13485

*WELLCOTEC is demonstrably authorized by law to perform repair services on cosmetic equipment & medical devices. Due to the certifications, our company processes meet the highest quality standards. This distinguishes us significantly from other providers.

Bellaction Duo Behandlung Anti Cellulite Body Contouring


Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Body Applikator
Body Contouring Applicator

With the body contouring applicator, cellulite I-III is reduced, sagging skin & muscles are tightened, the metabolic & lymphatic system is activated, blood supply is increased and water retention and toxins are released from the tissues through sliding motion & compression that affects the deep tissue layers.

Face Contouring AppliCator

With the Face Contouring applicator, the facial fibers are strengthened through sliding movement & compression. At the same time, the physioactive deep facial massage causes higher blood circulation & oxygen supply, activates slowed metabolic processes and reduces active inflammatory processes. The effect is seen in a homogeneous & balanced skin appearance.

Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Face Applikator
Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Face Cooling Applikator
Face Cooling AppliCator (Carboxy therapy)

The face cooling applicator is used to perform a so called carboxytherapy, which sometimes ignites its blood circulation stimulating effect due to the 0°C cold CO2 (carbon dioxide). The CO2 in combination with the deep massage activates biochemical processes of the skin & repairs its fibers. The skin feels more homogeneous & softer after the treatment.

Face Peeling AppliCator

The face peeling applicator creates a natural lifting & glow effect. The treatment acts directly on the epidermis & dermis, on the connective tissue and especially on the (facial) muscles. The fibers are relaxed and the muscles are returned to their original anatomical size, minimizing or even completely eliminating wrinkles.

Sapphire Bellaction Duo Body & Face Remodeling Anti Cellulite Gerät Face Peeling Applikator
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Our BELLACTION products are specially designed for post-treatment care. The BELLACTION DUO after-care set includes an eyelid cream based on marine active ingredients, a refreshing face serum, an anti-aging serum containing vitamins, a soothing moisturizer, a sculpting body cream and a thermo-active anti-cellulite cream.



We have been advising, training, supplying and servicing our customers at home and abroad for over 30 years. Our renowned, certified theory & practice training courses provide the necessary knowledge, our comprehensive marketing service the necessary communication as well as our technical & repair service the necessary security, so that you can be permanently successful with our equipment.


We advise you personally, professionally and according to your needs about our cosmetic and medical devices. Upon request, you will also receive a free trial treatment for your desired device, so that you can personally convince yourself of the effect & performance.


Our certified & comprehensive theory & practice trainings are always individual for you & your team. The training can take place at our training center in Cologne, at your site or online.


Benefit from our marketing know-how and get our individualized flyers, roll-ups, customer vouchers & digital data for website & social media included.


As an officially registered & certified electrical contractor and ISO 13485 certified company, we are legitimized to perform repairs & maintenance on cosmetic medical equipment.

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BELLACTION DUO is an innovative and patented procedure – developed by the “aesthetics guru” Bernat Domene in collaboration with the cosmetics company SAPPHIRE from Spain – specifically designed to combat cellulite, skin and tissue problems, based on 27 years of practical experience. The 4-in-1 BELLACTION technology enables both gentle body contouring and lasting face lifting.

BELLACTION DUO technology is non-invasive and, compared to other systems, does not require the use of electrodes or currents and therefore does not require traction of the dermis and epidermis. Therefore, the Face Lifting & Body Contouring device is absolutely skin and tissue friendly.

Each treatment affects the success – this may vary from patient to patient. To achieve a visible & lasting result with the BELLACTION DUO, several applications are recommended.

No. The treatment feels more like a vibrating deep massage. After the treatment, the patient feels that the treated part of the body is loosened.

The technical term cryolipolysis comes from the ancient Greek and is composed of the components kryos=frost, lipos=fat and lysis=solution. Through the non-invasive treatment method with a cryolipolysis device, the local fat tissue can be treated by means of cold. Compared to operative, aesthetic surgical procedures, the cryolipolysis device technology is characterized in particular by its non-invasive, tissue-conserving procedure.

The cryolipolysis device technology works with a dual technique of vacuum & cold supply. Here, the applicator is placed on the skin area to be treated. Due to the vacuum, the fatty tissue is sucked into the handpiece in an isolated manner. To prevent possible skin damage during cryolipolysis treatment, a special protective film – a so-called skin protection membrane – is placed between the skin area and the applicator.

The contact surfaces integrated into the side of the cryolipolysis applicator drastically cool down the tissue over a period of about 60 minutes & thus ensure cell crystallization. As a result, the body circumference is reduced.

Nevertheless, the cryolipolysis device technology also brings with it limitations: the cryolipolysis procedure can only be applied to the upper & lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, front & back of the thighs, upper arm, back (flanks) & to the male chest – and is therefore locally limited. In addition, pain may occur during and after treatment.

With first generation cryolipolysis devices, the tissue can often remain hardened for a longer period of time after the treatment, associated with a temporary feeling of numbness. Hematomas in the treated tissue are also a recurring consequence of the treatment.

Many of the cryolipolysis devices on the market also have general safety deficiencies – this is the finding from many years of inspection & repair work by our technical service on third-party devices.

Especially the omission of temperature contact sensors, which are supposed to check the treatment temperature in ACTUAL & TARGET, can lead to skin burns in the worst case. This danger also exists if untrained personnel work with the wrong treatment parameters, so that the treatment duration is too long and/or the cooling intensity is too high. 

In order to be allowed to operate a cryolipolysis device, the legal situation (NISV) provides since 2021 that a physician’s license must be available. This means that cosmeticians and alternative practitioners, among others, are generally no longer allowed to operate these devices.

The BELLACTION DUO, on the other hand, unleashes its effect completely without the use of cold, electrodes and/or deep currents, as well as without traction of dermis and epidermis, but penetrates directly to the essential deep tissue layers. The skin surface & the intermediate tissue are completely spared. The effect of the 4-fold technology is completely natural and uses or activates exclusively the body’s own “healing processes”.

HIFU stands for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” and is an aesthetic treatment method that slows down the aging process and saves a surgical face lift.

Already a few years ago, the methodology has become more and more established and proven on the German beauty market. Since around the 1990s, the focused ultrasound method has been used in oncology, among other areas, for the non-invasive therapy of tumors. In recent years, cosmetic devices have been developed in which focused ultrasound has been adapted to the needs and tissue layers of the skin.

Thanks to the success of ultrasound lifting by focused ultrasound, HIFU device technology is considered a “magic bullet” against wrinkles and sagging skin – it provokes targeted tightening of the face, neck and décolleté and is also used specifically for problem areas such as sagging cheeks and eyes, double chin and sagging jowls.

The secret of the effectiveness of the HIFU device technology lies in the ultrasound used. In contrast to conventional ultrasound, this is delivered in a focused manner. This means that the ultrasound waves are focused at a precisely defined depth in the target tissue. This depth is defined by the skin layers that are also included in a surgical facelift.

This focusing enables optimal heating of the target tissue to approx. 50-70 degrees Celsius at the so-called focal point. By means of the short-term and precise heating of the target tissue, the heat-labile bonds within the collagen molecule can break and the fibers are shortened (collagen shrinking).

Following HIFU treatment, the tissue undergoes extensive regeneration. New collagen and elastin formation can also be stimulated. The tissue outside the focal point remains intact without exception.

However, HIFU face lifting also brings with it restrictions: in the course of the new NISV legislation 2020/21, HIFU application is now reserved for licensed physicians only. Thus, cosmetic studios are henceforth excluded from the application.

In addition, the HIFU device technology is primarily designed for tightening facial areas. Depending on the treatment area, HIFU treatment is associated with pain.

The BELLACTION DUO, on the other hand, is also approved for non-medical practitioners. The new technology not only achieves a natural face lift by means of so-called carboxytherapy or CO2 cold treatment, but also enables a body lift thanks to the various applicator technologies – and it is completely painless.

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