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The strongest SHR Diode laser in & from Europe!

Hair is beautiful – but not if it grows in the wrong places or even sprouts excessively. Body hair, especially on the legs, armpits or in the genital area is considered unaesthetic by many people nowadays. But daily hair removal with razor, wax and depilatory cream is quite annoying and sometimes even painful. The desire for a permanently smooth and hair-free skin without remaining hair stubbles is omnipresent. 

The innovative SHR laser, also known as SHR diode laser, which combines decades of experience from IPL SHR pulsed light technology with diode laser technology, is now the most popular system for permanent hair removal. Our medical SHR diode laser from SAPPHIRE is the most powerful and durable of its generation – absolute premium quality from Europe.


The innovative & medically certified SHR diode laser SAPPHIRE LS1200 sets new technical standards: With an effective spot output power of 1200W at an applicator lifetime of up to 50 million pulses, an operating speed of up to 15 pulses per second, combined with an extremely short pulse duration from 15 to 400 milliseconds and a patented gas spot cooling system (-10°C), which makes regular cooling water changes a thing of the past, the SHR diode laser from Europe is the most powerful, fastest, gentlest and cheapest of its generation – with medical approval.

The SHR laser applicator applies the laser pulses to the skin using SHR glide technology. In this procedure, the individual hairs in the skin absorb the focused laser radiation via their melanin content (pigmentation) and transmit it to the hair root, where heat is generated. As a result of the heat, the hair roots become desolate and the hair falls out. 

At the same time, the SHR Laser Glide method leads to the hair roots directly in the subcutis being heated moderately but effectively over a longer period of time. The growth stimulating cells of the hair root are thereby deactivated.

SHr Laser Diodenlaser Made in Europe
SHR Laser Diodenlaser Medical


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Medical approval CE 0482

The effectiveness of permanent hair removal with the SAPPHIRE SHR Diode Laser has been proven in medical studies.

1200W Spot Power

The SHR Diode Laser treatment spot promises a real output power of 1200 watts – and is therefore the most powerful one worldwide.

50 million applicator pulses

With a lifetime of up to 50 million pulses, our medical SHR Diode Laser is by far the most durable of its generation.

Highest working speed

With a frequency of up to 15 Hz and a pulse duration as short as 15 ms, the SAPPHIRE SHR laser enables a high operating speed with maximum energy output.

Patented Depilice cooling system

The uniquely patented Depilice® gas cooling system (down to -10°C) provides complete freedom from pain, skin protection and well-being during any SHR diode laser treatment. In addition, the innovative cooling system makes constant water changes a thing of the past. Also an internal overheating of the SHR laser is excluded.

Effective with any skin & hair color

Due to its unique technical design, the SAPPHIRE SHR Laser is effective on any skin and hair color.

Dual energy production

Compared to conventional hair removal lasers, the SAPPHIRE SHR laser gains its energy from 2 power supplies. This ensures that each SHR pulse of a pulse sequence reaches 100% constant power.

5 treatment modes

In order to achieve maximum treatment success, the medical SHR Diode Laser from SAPPHIRE 5 enables different treatment options, which can be aligned according to skin & hair type: The single, multi, sensitive, middle & long pulse mode.

Sapphire LS1200 SHR Laser Diodenlaser mit patentierter Depilice-Kühlung
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50 MIO pulses Lifetime

With a lifetime of up to 50 million pulses, the SAPPHIRE MED SHR diode laser LS1200 is by far the most durable of its generation.

10 MIO Pulses warranty

The manufacturer SAPPHIRE grants unique 10 million pulses / 1 year warranty on the SHR laser handpiece – a quality feature that speaks for itself.


With only 100 EUR per 1,000,000 pulses, the SAPPHIRE diode laser has the lowest operating costs of all diode lasers on the market.

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SHR Diode Laser is also


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We have been advising, training, supplying and servicing our customers at home and abroad for over 30 years. Our renowned theory & practice trainings provide the necessary knowledge, our comprehensive marketing service the necessary communication as well as our technical & repair service the necessary security, so that you can be permanently successful with our SHR diode lasers.


Our certified & comprehensive theory & practice training prepares you & your team for operation & use with the SHR Diode Laser LS1200.


Benefit from our marketing know how and get among others our individualized flyers, roll-ups, customer vouchers & digital data for your website & social media for the SHR Diode Laser LS1200.


We supply you with high quality & medical accessories you need for SHR diode laser application. These include special gel, nitrile gloves, couch paper rolls & protective goggles.

Interesting facts about SHR DIODE LASER

Every skin & hair type! The innovative process enables permanent depilation for every hair and skin color.

A “permanent hair removal” is not necessarily life-long, but rather defined for a longer period of life. Why is this so? In the skin there are always inactive cells of the hair, which could not be detected during the treatment period. Over time, these cells can become active in isolated cases and thus stimulate hair growth. Likewise, pregnancies or hormonal fluctuations (e.g. menopause) can cause new hair cells to be formed and hair growth to resume.

Laser hair removal can be applied to the whole body.

No, the treatment is painless. Only a “tingling” warming effect is felt.

With the innovative diode laser hair removal, permanent depilation can be achieved in just 4 to 5 sessions. The duration of the treatment always depends on the body area to be treated and can be between 10 minutes and about 3 hours.

After a treatment for permanent hair removal, a soothing depilation after-treatment cream should be applied as a preventive measure. You can obtain this directly from us. It is also important not to expose the treated skin to sunlight. A sun blocker is therefore essential.

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