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We have been advising, training, supplying and servicing our customers for over 30 years, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Our renowned training courses provide the necessary know-how, our comprehensive marketing service the necessary communication as well as our technical & repair service the necessary security, so that you can be permanently successful with our equipment. We look forward to many more years in which we can continue exactly this philosophy as your full-service partner – with a love for technology.


We advise you without obligation, individually and personally on our beauty equipment – and on request you will receive a free trial treatment.


Our certified beauty equipment trainings in theory & practice are obligatory for you & your team, individually and without additional costs.


With your beauty device you will receive our marketing package consisting of flyer, roll up, vouchers & digital data free of charge.


As an officially registered technical specialist company, we carry out repairs, inspections & upgrades on beauty equipment of all brands.


With us, you can conveniently pay for the Beauty devices on a monthly basis – with or without a down payment over a period of up to 60 months.


We have had our company processes certified by DEKRA to make our quality transparent to our customers.


Even after the purchase of your beauty equipment we are always there for you. In case of open questions, ambiguities or technical concerns, you can contact us at any time.


Personal customer contact is very important to us. That’s why we always have direct contact persons who know your concerns and will attend to you personally.


Thanks to our decades of market experience, we actually know what is important for our customers – and we let you benefit from this.

Wellcotec Dekra Zertifizierung


WELLCOTEC has been DEKRA-QM certified for many years. QM is the abbreviation for quality management (system) and refers to a framework of defined processes, specifications and tasks, which helps companies to reliably offer products and services with continuous quality.
quality. At the same time, risks in business activities towards customers are reduced and performance is increased.

The associated ISO 9001 was introduced in 1987 by the “International Organization for Standardization” (ISO) and has since become an
internationally recognized reference for quality management, which defines the requirements for QM systems.

With the QM system, we pursue the goal of generating a sustainable and continuous improvement in the quality of products, processes and services. The quality requirements are thus firmly anchored in every part of our company WELLCOTEC – and thus contribute to an even higher customer satisfaction.

With the DEKRA seal we therefore want to make our company & process quality transparent for our customers and interested parties. Because this way you can be sure that you are dealing with a serious & professional partner who is more reality than appearance. It is our credo to convince with & above all through quality.

The DEKRA certification confirms constant quality processes under which we work. Thus we always ensure our high product & service quality. We are required by the DEKRA seal to examine and improve our business processes in order to minimize or even eliminate risks in our business activities towards our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties regarding this topic.

Wellcotec Technikservice e-Check


As an official electrical engineering guild, we are legitimized to offer legally compliant & proper technical repair & maintenance service for various beauty devices – including IPL devices/SHR devices/IPL-SHR devices, SHR lasers/SHR diode lasers & Hydraface devices. Likewise, we perform performance diagnostics & value measurement on beauty devices of all types.

Compared to many other manufacturers/providers of beauty devices, who ultimately only offer illegal technology & repair service without legitimacy and authorization, we have the necessary infrastructure & staff competence to be able to assist our customers and interested parties with comprehensive and, above all, legally compliant electrotechnical service.

As a member of the guild for electrical engineering, we are also always informed about new technical regulations, such as amended DIN standards or guidelines, laws and tariffs as well as court rulings. This means that we consistently work according to the latest and thus legally valid criteria.

The regular training courses and further education to which we are subject also enable us to carry out our activities at the highest level of know-how – and we give our customers a positive impression of this.

The trade-specific and inter-trade events, lectures & meetings of the guild as well as the federal and state association, where knowledgeable lecturers and experts of the industry participate and present, expand our technical network enormously, so that our knowledge is supported with that of many other industry experts. This makes our technical advice to our customers always honest, professional and on target.

If you have any questions about our technical service, please do not hesitate to contact us on extension +49 (0) 2203 89 555 13.


Provision of high-quality & standard-compliant beauty equipment, based on quality-certified company processes, in a familiar atmosphere with a maximum of communication, individuality as well as competence, and a full-service offer consisting of consulting, training, marketing and technology in order to create – in the truest sense of the word – “beautiful” company values for our customers.


For at least the next 10 years WELLCOTEC will continue to be the first address for customers and prospective customers who want to open an aesthetic practice or expand their existing beauty salon with high-quality equipment – and who will benefit from our full service quality spectrum. Not only in Germany. In addition, the optimization of resource and environmental management in production is becoming increasingly important in light of the ongoing climate change.


Our clientele includes doctors, alternative practitioners, health centers, wellness & spa facilities, beauticians and also career changers, who are mainly based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We are happy when our customers are happy too – this has always been our company philosophy. Below is a small selection from our clientele:


With us, you benefit from over 30 years of proven experience and expertise in the beauty market. We offer our customers an all-round, carefree service consisting of consulting, training, marketing and technical service. Over the last decades we have established strong partnerships with suppliers, associations and other manufacturers, which has enabled us to optimize the price-performance ratio of our beauty equipment for our customers.

Our product portfolio, consisting of the medical SHR diode laser SAPPHIRE LS1200 & SHR diode laser ELITS EPIL808, the anti-cellulite device BELLACTION Duo & our Hydra4Face 200, is designed to meet the demands of the market at the highest (technological) level.

In addition, as an officially authorized electrical company, we offer our customers technical service for SHR lasers, SHR diode lasers, anti-cellulite devices and Hydraface devices of our own and other brands and manufacturers, which is in conformity with safety, order and legal requirements.

Our company quality is ISO-certified and the “economic health” of our company is confirmed by the CREFO seal. Therefore, we do not only exist today and tomorrow, but we will continue to exist as your reliable full-service partner for premium products for years to come. We are looking forward to this.

Yes, it is always our strong recommendation to come and see and test our medical SHR Laser LS1200, SHR Diode Laser EPIL808, BELLACTION Duo Anti Cellulite & Hydra device Hydra4Face 200 at our premises. Not only to convince yourself of the quality of our products. But also because, with a costly purchase like this one – on which, among other things, your business success and thus your entire existence depends – you should always get a personal impression of the supplier of the beauty equipment in order to gain confidence and security regarding the purchase. Because many providers actually only exist on the Internet!

Our opening hours are always from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 o’clock. However, we would ask you to arrange a consultation appointment with us beforehand by telephone or e-mail so that a consultant will definitely have time for you on your arrival and can demonstrate our beauty equipment to you.

Of course! We hand over our beauty equipment to our customers only in connection with our renowned & free theoretical & practical training. Because it is our duty and our concern that our customers work correctly and properly with our beauty equipment. This is the only way to achieve lasting treatment success.

Yes, with us you can also pay off the Beauty equipment quite comfortably by installments in the form of a leasing – with leasing terms between 36 – 60 months, even without down payment. We also offer leasing for business start-ups.

Yes, as an officially authorized electrical company we offer our customers technical service (repairs, maintenance & upgrades) for SHR lasers, SHR diode lasers, anti-cellulite devices as well as Hydra Face devices of our & other brands & manufacturers.

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